November 20, 2017

it's thanksgiving week!

Thanksgiving dinner planning and prep
is in full force around here!

The cranberry sauce is the first thing I can check off the list. It’s one of the easiest things to make, so I do that first. A full bag of fresh cranberries goes into the pot with a little sugar, fresh orange juice and zest, freshly grated ginger and water. After it thickens on the stove for a while, I pass it through a food mill, to get it nice and silky smooth, and that’s it! I then put it in a pretty bowl and pop it in the fridge 'til Thursday. 

Tonight I’ll roast my two sugar pumpkins so I’ll be ready to make pies tomorrow. I’m buying one other pie, and making a few pumpkin ones. The kids will get to pick out their favorite pie from Marie Callender’s

As much as I love these cute turkey plates, this year I have the table is set with simple ivory Wedgwood china that I just love. (You’ll get to see the final table soon!) How does your family set the table? Is it formal, or buffet style? 

Here’s a handy table setting chart for reference.

I do like to interpret my own setting
but like to use this as a guideline.

Do you remember last year’s table
where I used these pretty pheasant feathers?

This year, I’ll be using these cute twig wreaths instead.

They add just the right rustic quality that
contrasts the fancy Wedgwood perfectly!

Here’s my Thanksgiving table from two years ago.

A vase of fresh fall leaves always adds so much fall charm!

I have a vase of them in my kitchen nook right now.

There's a nice neighbor who doesn’t mind
me clipping a few small branches every so often. J

A couple of the gorgeous heirloom pumpkins did get carved for Halloween, but the remaining ones will make their way into the dining room for a little extra autumn ambiance. 

Here’s a fun idea someone had! This won’t work this time around, since we’ll be having a fire going on Thanksgiving. I do love that tile surrounding this fire place, though.

Here’s a simple place setting from Joanna Gaines. I really like the look of the eucalyptus branches that’s so popular right now. It adds a fresh, modern look to the table.

And Thanksgiving leftovers will get new side to go with those faithful turkey sandwiches… These stuffing waffles look amazing! All you do is cook leftover stuffing in your waffle iron ‘til it’s crispy and top with hot mashed potatoes and gravy. How can that be bad?!  

And yes, we're all anxiously waiting for that moment the turkey comes out of the oven... Oh, the aroma!

ciao! fabiana

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November 19, 2017

sunday thoughts

A few Christmas things started trickling into the house…

It all started with a few cute bottle brush trees from Oriental Trading and some other embellished that ones I later found at Home Goods. We haven’t even unpacked our Christmas boxes from the garage yet, and it seems we already have a little holiday theme going on in the family room.

This gorgeous copper lantern set made its way to the mantel, along with a few pretty rose gold votives from Pottery Barn, and you can just see a peek of a trio of faux evergreens that I just fell in love with for their natural look (also found at Home Goods). 

In the dining room, the table’s all set for nine. I’m having second thoughts about these West Elm potted boxwoods though. I think I need to switch them out for some fresh flowers of some kind… what would you recommend?

I'll probably switch out the green napkins too... we'll see how I like them with the eucalyptus sprigs that I'll be adding around all the sparkly votives and white pumpkins.  

Well, I'm headed to Trader Joe's tomorrow to stock up on everything we'll need for Thanksgiving dinner, including the turkey! I hope they have a nice one waiting for me! I loooove turkey!! How about you? What's your favorite part of the meal?  

Actually, I love every kind of Thanksgiving food imaginable, so I'll be happy!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend…

ciao! fabiana

November 18, 2017

favorite stores: lido marina village

A quick stop over at Serena & Lily,
and I wanted to share a few things that
caught my attention…

Their outdoor patio is so sweet!

First of all, they have the Crosby teak dining table with a simple but stunning succulent arrangement dominating the space.

A cozy seating arrangement is nestled next to the
trickling outdoor fountain and pretty climbing vines.  

I came home with a couple of these Montecito pillows
that you see above.

They're actually indoor outdoor pillows and they have
a perfectly nubby texture and pattern that 
reminds me of a white kilim rug.

They'll add just the right amount of interest 
to my new Mattituck armchairs. 

Yes, I ended up getting a couple of new chairs for the living room... you see they were offering 
20% off in store yesterday!

I can't wait for the UPS man to 
deliver these next week. J

It’s a tiny store, but packed with punch!!

The selection of rugs is fabulous too!

most beautiful shopping spot!

Just outside, you have this amazing view, and there
 are several super yummy places to eat, like Zinqué.  

You know how Gwyneth Paltrow has her Goop website?

Well, guess what?!

Goop opened up a pop-up shop this week, 
just for the holidays.

It’s just a simple little gift shop filled
with interesting stocking stuffershostess gifts, 
pet accessories, kids’ toys and a few pretty kitchen goodies. 

And of course, all of Gwyneth's books!

Everything’s arranged just perfectly too…
something that I really enjoy seeing!!

Elegant and useful little gifts…

And all the girls who work here
wear these white denim coveralls,
so devo-ish!

I did see quite a few things I love!

Like those tall brass candlesticks!

You know how I love brass candlesticks
I pick them up whenever I see them in
thrift stores or yard sales.

These are especially pretty and so polished,
which saves me some work, lol.

It’s always fun to take a walk along the water too…
and even the rainy days are pretty
here in Newport!

ciao! fabiana

and just in case you want to check out 
the goop goodies for yourself...

November 17, 2017

beautiful christmas kitchens

It’s Fri-yay!!  It’s been a bit of a busy week,
and I’m grateful to be able to take a breather
to pop in and share a few pretty kitchens today.

Do you feel like the holiday madness
has already started over on your end?

Signs of Christmas are appearing everywhere,
and it isn’t even Thanksgiving yet…

Well, that’s nothing new, we can multi-task right?! 

A little turkey here, a little Santa there...
it all works out in the end.

So, the big question is,
do you decorate your kitchen for Christmas?

I like just a subtle touch of holiday magic,
and nothing too cluttered.

A pop of red is perfect!

The light fixtures in this kitchen remind me of snowflakes!

Of course, you can swag to heart’s content…

a touch of greenery on a chandelier is also
one of my favorite ways to add Christmas charm
to a kitchen or dining room
and it's really easy to pull off.   

Pretty wreaths are also a great idea for the kitchen.
Don’t you love how these are displayed on the glass-front cabinets?

So cheery!

Here in Orange County it’s so apropos to
just have simple bowl of fresh oranges sitting in a fabulous bowl.

So many of our citrus trees are starting to fruit right now,
so this look is perfect

buon fine settimana...

ciao!  fabiana

photo credit:  1.Southern Living 2.Traditional Home   3.Traditional Home   4.Architectural Digest  5.House Beautiful  6.Country Living  7.Country Living  8.Country Living  9.Studio McGee

do something amazing today! 

November 15, 2017

sparkling amber for the table

That morning light just captures
the amber glass perfectly!

…so I can’t help sharing a little preview of how
the Thanksgiving table is finally coming together. 

I know I’ve been seesawing
back and forth with different options,
but I’m finally pleased with this look.

Amber glasses, white plates, glittery votives,
green napkins and rustic wood chargers….
all the details coming up later in the week!

ciao! fabiana

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